Why am I eating donuts today? I never eat donuts! Is this a bad thing?

Andy Suter ‏ @ajsuter why am i eating donuts today? i never eat donuts! is this a bad thing?

ANSWER: First off, there is nothing wrong with donuts. I like those French Crullers at Dunkin Donuts.

BUT, whenever I suddenly need a rush for sugar that’s unusual I know that something is off. Sugar releases endorphins and dopamine.

Guess what else releases endorphins and dopamine? Sex! That good feeling you get. Sex is a good painkiller and anti-depressant.

Why do people need to kill pain? Because they have it. They are in pain, physically or mentally? So if you feel a sudden need for donuts today, or even on a regular basis, you have to ask yourself: what pain, emotional or physical, am I trying to get away from. Am I depressed?

The problem with sugar is that it then causes all sorts of other problems related to the release of insulin. It’s also addictive. Once that insulin spikes to regulate your blood sugar, your sugar levels go sharply down. Then you need more! And it gets worse and worse. This is what happens to diabetics. They lose the ability to regulate that blood sugar.

It’s all connected. This is why I recommend what I call the Daily Practice. It finds ways to get the endorphins and dopamine going in healthy ways. In ways that can drastically improve your life consistently.

So, while your question might have even been a funny one: I would ask yourself, “exactly why do I feel the need to eat donuts today?” Maybe something is wrong. Something that you have to think about.