Who will be the next Steve Jobs?

Who will be the next Steve Jobs? –@bgin2end

Probably the article I’ve gotten the most negative criticism on is “10 Unusual Things About Steve Jobs” http://bit.ly/gUJgcH. When it was on the front page of the Huffington Post all of the kind commenters there were convinced I was a blind idiot and a horrible writer. How could I admire a man as terrible as Steve Jobs? they wondered.

Every day we artists use the tools that flew out of his head onto the planet. Every day our kids watch the shows his persistence in Pixar allowed creators to develop. Every day students use the computers he conceived of starting in 1977. But now he’s dead. Is there another one?

Of course there is. There are many. Google, for instance, right now is wiring up Kansas City, Missourri to have 2 GB / sec super-wifi. That means you can download an entire movie in 2 seconds. Or the last season of Glee (every show) in about 20 seconds. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have a thirty year vision of what the world will look like: there will be Internet everywhere and blindingly fast, there will be cars driving without drivers, all information will be catalogued and at our fingertips or already in our brains.

Mark Zuckerberg will catalog all of our social interactions, making it easier to effortlessly stay in close contact with our friends no matter how apart in space and time. Every day there are more Steve Jobs’  being created, growing up, innovating. He created the mold – but the mold is being filled over and over again. [See, “Why are Larry Page and I so Different?” http://bit.ly/fO3EU5]