Where should I go on my honeymoon?

Where should I go on my honeymoon? –@VeryStonemanEsq

Here’s the problem with a honeymoon (in general): 3 hours in an airport, 3-10 hours flying someplace, 2 hours getting from airport to hotel, checking in, then resting after all of that, then eating too much food, getting sunburned, doing too many planned activities (instead of the most important activity that happens on a honeymoon), and then rushing back to airport and repeating process.

What a drag! Does twenty hours of traveling sound like fun to you? And spending another $10,000 in the process? And then maybe getting a tour of a lizard garden or whatever else you do on an average honeymoon?

People go to get away from the worries of life, the pressures of family and friends, to have privacy, to consummate, etc. So just do all of that, but without the hassles of all of the above.

Do the staycation, where you stay at home, but plan to do things you would never ever do at home. Don’t make any plans with friends or family. Don’t even tell them what you are doing. Send exotic postcards to them.

Then really make an effort to find new things in the area you think you know well. Worst case, go 20 minutes out and stay at a bed and breakfast or two.

Final result: More time with your new spouse. Less money spent. Less travel hassles. More energy. Probably better food (did you really think Club Med food was going to be better than the cheapest diner?). And probably more fun.

And, if you hate everything I said and disagree with me totally, do one of these things:

1.    Amangani http://bit.ly/yhCwN – Super vacation resorts around the world.

2.    Bible History Daily. Why not go on a biblical archaeological dig? http://bit.ly/w0tgiN

3.    Samahita Retreat – Yoga Spa http://bit.ly/TGYhv

My best vacations happened when I had just started working a corporate job and I would take off a week just to explore the city I lived in. My two worst vacations ever were probably my two honeymoons.