What’s your technique for coming up with ideas?

What’s your technique for coming up with ideas? –@JonasNielsen

Let’s say you are an excellent archer. You hit the bull’s eye every time. But then you stop for five years. You pick up a bow and arrow. Chances are you won’t hit the bull’s-eye. Your muscles have atrophied. Your skills have gotten weaker.

It’s the same thing with the idea muscle. Most people have let their idea muscle atrophy. The key is to start aiming for the target again, whether you miss or hit. But get up early and set up the target and start shooting arrows every day.

Write down ideas every single day. Bad ideas and good ideas. Don’t judge them at first. Just brainstorm, even if it’s a shitstorm.

Here’s my post on nine ways to become more creative http://bit.ly/nOPi16. This will help in the long-term with idea generation.

I can guarantee this. Idea generation every day, combined with other aspects of the Daily Practice which I talk about it my last book http://amzn.to/ppDrlh, I Was Blind But Now I See, will change your life completely within six months.