What’s your secret to time management?

Randy De Montalegre ‏ @randyaaron what’s your secret to time management?


– No TV

– No dinner (you don’t really need it to live. And it’s hard to sleep when your stomach is digesting crab cake appetizers, pasta, steak, dessert, wine)

– Don’t talk to anyone unless you really need to Silence is the best time saver.

– Don’t travel for meetings

– Actually, don’t go to meetings. My criteria for a meeting now is: unless I have a 10% chance of making $X at a meeting I won’t go. That’s a pretty good criteria for eliminating 90% of my meetings. And so now I’m happier.

– Wake up before everyone else. I wake up at 4:30am. That’s 3 hours of silence at least. Because I didn’t eat dinner or watch TV I can go to sleep earlier.