What’s your perfect day like?

What’s your perfect day like? –@brainybetty

I’m not going to answer on what my perfect day is. But what your perfect day could look like. Try to check these boxes:

– Be around people who love you

– Come up with ten new ideas for businesses  you can start, how you can improve your job, books or articles you can write, gifts or favors you can give people you love, ideas for how you can help others, etc. Just come up with ten new ideas.

–    Kiss someone. Preferably a lot. Kids are good. Or a spouse.

– Do something  creative. Ideally something creative that either makes you money or there’s way to connect the dots between creativity and money. Creativity doesn’t always have to equal “more money” but it helps. Even if its a business idea. Businesses are creative. Not just paintings or novels.

– I sleep eight or nine hours. Or, heck, ten hours.

–  I find a time in the middle of the day to be by myself for a bit.

–  Part of that time I can use to read a book.

– Part of it I can use to just be quiet and not think or worry about anything.

– I take a huge BM. Nothing is better than that.

– I avoid all junk food and eat no more than two healthy meals a day. Some people say you should eat lots of little meals all day long. Maybe they are right. But I find that its hard to eat “little” meals and that I tend to eat lots of big meals all day long whenever I try that approach.

– I have feelings of gratitude towards everyone I meet. This is hard and is a practice (for me).

–  Ideally I meet or talk to new people during the day but I don’t do more than one meeting in the morning and one meeting in the afternoon.

– I exercise. Ideally yoga with Claudia.

– I read a spiritual text of some sort.

– I read good fiction.

Believe it or not, I find on most days I can do most of the above. Tell me in the comments how your ideal day might be different or what you think I should add to mine.