What's the quickest way to become famous?

Patrick Meister ‏@bhawks4life: whats the quickest way to become famous?


The quickest way to become famous is to spend 20 years working really really hard for it. And I’m not saying this from experience. Just saying this from observation. Here’s what you do during those 20 years.

A) Know every aspect of the history of the area you want to be famous in.

B) Understand how every new idea in your industry was developed.

C) Completely dominate more than one industry. So you can combine ideas in the intersection of all the industries you are interested in.

D) Do the Daily Practice of improving physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This allows you to be a complete transmitter from the universe into your area of interest. It allows you to become an idea machine. To become the physical vehicle by which change can be channeled. Use tdp.me to chart your progress.

E) Once your idea muscle is developed enough start sharing those ideas with a community. Write for websites, comment on blogs, talk on twitter, answer questions on quora, speak at conferences, write a book, post on Pinterest, build a group on Facebook, make an email newsletter, consult for people, coach people, and so on.

F) Respond as much as you can to the people in your community who reach out to you. Every person you touch becomes a new node on your network. The more nodes on your network, the more the value of the network increases exponentially. Introduce different nodes. Becomethe Source.

One time I was playing poker in Atlantic City. Right next to me was a guy named Joe who was a very good poker player. The best I ever played against. A new guy came to the table. But he only had cash and he needed to get chips. Illegally(this is illegal in Atlantic City), Joe said, “don’t worry about that, I’ll sell you some of my chips” and he did. Later Joe told me, “always be the bank at your table. Then the other players like you and don’t want to bet against you even if they are pretty sure you are bluffing.”

Always be the bank. Of ideas, connections, resources, everything.

G) Continue to do A-F. Your network grows exponentially. While I was writing this I was thinking of everyone from Steve Jobs to Bobby Fischer to Cyndi Lauper, Orson Scott Card, Eckhart Tolle, and on and on. I watched how each of these people went from studying the history of their field, to developing new ideas that pushed the field, to networking, to responding, to ultimately seeing their network hit a tipping point. I feel your question was a bit facetious but this answer is basically my analysis of those careers. Do it.