What’s the best way to keep the momentum going once you finally start making progress in your chosen career path?

Leon Benson ‏@LeonBenson2: what’s the best way to keep the momentum going once you finally start making progress in your chosen career path?


The best way to keep momentum on the outside is to keep momentum going on the inside. I’ve self-sabotaged myself in every way. every time I’ve made money I’ve gotten my momentum slowly siphoned off: bad investments, bad people, bad extracurricular activities, and overall BAD. Ultimately I would end up going from riches to broke, homeless, friendless, family-less, and just in general – LESS.

So how can we avoid that? And not only avoid that, but drive momentum even higher?

The key is to nourish the inside.

I’ve written about it a thousand times before so I will try and simplify it.

You don’t need to do what I have said in a question above: eat well, sleep more, exercise, writedown ideas, be grateful, do the full daily practice I describe in this post.

It’s enough to simply do ONE THING a day.

Simply say “hello” to yourself. Most people never do this. They think count their money. They get angry about people who have wronged them. They sit in the shower and have sexual fantasies (err…unless this is just me), they think about how many millions they have in the future, andhow they can then help people, or hurt people, orhave revenge on people, or whatever.

Stop it.

Just say “hello” to yourself. Here’s how you can say hello to yourself? Breathe in and feel the air on the side of your nose. Say hello to your toes, wiggle them. Say hello to your arms. Imagine you can feel an energy field inside of your arms, inside of your stomach, your legs, your toes, your face. Until you are one big energy field that is inhabiting this body you wear.

Say hello to that energy field.

Now if anything happens that you feel is bringing the momentum down, say hello again. The Daily Practice I recommend flows from this energy field. You won’t be as strong, for instance, if you feed shit into this energy field. Or if negative people are constantly bombarding you. Or if you don’t sleep well enough so you fall asleep when you are trying to say hello to it. Or you won’t come up with good ideas anymore if this energy field isn’t bright and vibrant.

You have no idea where momentum will take you. It’s hard enough to predict tomorrow’s weather, let alone what island the storms of your momentum will leave you shipwrecked on when the tides settle down. So don’t try to control the mometum. The best think you can do is keep this energy field inside of you alive and well and strong and ready to go, ready to be a transmitter for all the life around it.

Nourish that and everything else will take care of itself.