Whats more important – your legacy (dent-in-the-universe) or your immediate joy?

Johan ‏ @johanejohansson: Whats more important – your legacy (dent-in-the-universe) or your immediate joy? Struggle a lot with all of these questions.


Don’t think about legacy. Legacy is a myth. 100 years from now will your name be carved on the top of any building? Probably not.

And certainly one billion years from now (a drop in the bucket in a universe expected to live over a trillion years) our lives will be smaller than specks of dust.

But, this very present moment is HUGE. it’s the only thing you got. The past is done with. The future is only a basket of worries and concerns and anxieties that we should ignore. But we’ve got this great little toybox we can call RIGHT NOW.

So be kind to the people around you. Be honest. Be content with where you are this second. For a split second make sure you are breathing. Relax your face. Observe if you are thinking angry thoughts about anyone (you don’t’ have to stop thinking them. Just say inwardly, “this is an angry thought” or “this is an anxious” thought).

If you do all of that then this moment you will leave an amazing legacy. And you will feel more and more joy.

And those moments been to add up. And the benefits of those moments compound. And that’s a legacy.