Whats James’ thoughts on same sex marriage?

Marnus Broodryk ‏ @marnusbroodryk: who cares what @BarackObama thinks?! Wink wink. Whats James’ thoughts on same sex marriage?


Why is the government involved in marriage at all, is the first question? The way you answer that question is not by thinking about “love” or “family values” but doing what one should usually do: tracking the money.

Marriage gives great benefits on things like estate taxes, etc. The government wants as few people married as possible so they can tax the hell out of people who can’t shift money around so easily.

So of course the government, in general, would be against gay marriage. Heck, they would probably be against regular marriage if it wasn’t such a cultural institution.

Personally, I think anyone should marry anyone they want. If a grandson wants to marry his grandmother then what’s the big deal? Why should we stop them. “Marriage” for the government means something very different than “marriage” usually means between two people.

I like being married. I like the feeling of “where in this together” for the long-term and the feeling that I am committed to helping someone else achieveing their goals in life. That’s my definition of marriage.

Note that many people equate marriage also with “sex”. But I think it’s a myth that marriage is about sex. It’s about everything else that is involved in building a relationship that can last decades, long after the sex is gone. Although, for me personally, I hope that never goes away. Which is probably why I wouldn’t want to marry my grandmother. But that’s just my choice.