What moves you to do this Q&A?

Dani Ramírez ‏@danibluebishop: What moves you to do this Q&A? Do you expect to retrieve some info? Just interaction? …? Thanks! #pureCuriosity


When I was 12 years old I bought a collection of “Dear Abby” columns. She was the biggest advice columnist ever. One question asked was by a woman who followed her husband home from work one night. He stopped off at a strip club. At the strip club he went into a back room with a stripper. When the man got home the woman confronted him with what she saw. He said, “don’t worry! The stripper was only doing ‘sexual favors’ and nothing else!” The woman asked “Abby” what she should do and what did he mean by “sexual favors”.

I actually forget what Abby responded. Nor do I remember any other question from the book. But I remember thinking: wow, adults get “sexual favors” occasionally. And, “I want a job like Dear Abby. I could be real good at this.” All my life I wanted to do that. I tried to major in Psychology but I got a D- and then a C- in my first two classes so I wasn’t allowed to major in it. And my father told me I would make no money being a psychologist but I didn’t care. I still wanted to be someone who could give advice. So I read every book I could find on psychology, self-help, spirituality, meditation, etc. And then I forgot it all while I started some companies and became miserable for about twenty years. Now I want to try again.

I don’t make money doing this. But thank you for letting me do this.

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