What makes it easier for you to let go?

Veeh Cirra ‏ @VeehCirra what makes it easier for you to let go? Especially when some paths come to a natural end, and you are not ready.

ANSWER: I have a completely different answer than I had yesterday. Yesterday I gave you specific things to do that I know, for me, pick me up. But now I have a more general technique because I know it worked for me today. TODAY!

I use “the Alien Technique” which I’ve written about it before. It always works. The Alien Technique was recommended by Buddha, Taoists, Lamas, and others over the past 3000 years although nobody ever called it the Alien Technique.

You’re an alien from another galaxy. Your lifespan is 15 billion years. You’re going to live forever.

Every day you wake up in a new body. You’re on a mission: fix what’s wrong with this body and then move on.

How do you know what’s wrong with this person. You just got here!

You listen. First you listen to your body. When you had a bad emotion, often the body feels it first. What are your toes telling you, your waist, your stomach, your heart, your head. Even your back, your shoulders, your neck, your eyes. Anything hurting? Anything even mildly irritating. Ok, you don’t need to do anything about it. Just note it. List it in your mind.

Next, emotions. Why is this mind feeling bad or down today? Again, note it. List it. It’s not you. You’re an alien from another galaxy. It’s this mind you landed in.

Next ask: what does this person have to do today? Will he or she be only hanging around positive people? If negative, note it again. They are on the list of people to be eliminated from this person’s body.

Finally ask, who is this person grateful for? Should I have this body tell them he or she is grateful? Can I learn something new from them? Or return calls to other inspiring people and see what I can learn from them?

Finally, note your surroundings. The light, the sounds outside, the smells, the good things. You’ve made it into this body. All the from a galaxy thousands of light years away. How cool is that? Say it: “This is so cool. Thank God I’m alive.”

It works. When you start to slip again and think, “ugh, I am so down” then go back in the alien technique.

Does this make you happier? Maybe. But you don’t care if the body or mind is happy or not. Maybe the body you are in today needs to mourn something. Mourning a loss is a natural thing. You can mourn for the person. Maybe you have to in order to clean up the pain.

But then you move on. You figure out what’s next for this body you are in for the day. You are a traveler of the Universe. And for Forces even more powerful than you you’ve been placed in this body today to do something. Do it.