What made you the person you are today?

ALHolm ‏@holm__: can u pinpoint an event that changed you into the person you are today?


Yes. I was depressed because I had just spent twenty years or more trying to make everyone happy. My friends, my family, my bosses, my investors, my colleagues, my employees, my customers, girlfriends, people I wanted to do business with, people I wanted to kiss up to because I thought I would benefit in some way. And it wasn’t working. At some point you have to step back and say, “this plan that I’ve had my entire life just hasn’t worked”. Every media outlet seemed to be closing to me. Nobody was investing money with me. Every business I was trying to do was getting stalled at the gate. I felt bad about myself, like I was always trying to please but nobody was very interested in pleasing me.

So I decided to choose myself. I stopped worrying about the distant future or regretting the past. I stopped paying attention to people who blamed me or wanted something from me. I only would do what I WANTED to do. I only would be with people who I loved and who loved me. I only would work for things that I hoped would deliver real value.

By choosing myself I finally started writing a blog. Previously I had only written in places that “accepted” me. Now I accepted myself. I wrote whatever I wanted, and ultimately wherever I wanted.

And that led to new friendships, that led to an increase in my search for wellness and spirituality. It led to living a healthier life. It led to less stress and more positive people around me and more ideas flooding to me. It led to more people trying to do deals with me, asking me to participate in more activities. I started having fun for the first time in maybe 17 years. I feel this blog and everything and everyone that has connected to it has changed my life completely. I’m infinitely grateful for the changes.

And if I had to pinpoint, I’d say it was when I totally gave up on everyone and every thing. When I started to be quiet to all opportunities on the outside and choose myself first. This changed my life.