What is your favorite quote, and why?

Collegejunkee ‏@Collegejunkee: Hi James this is Alex Broches and this is my business College Junkee. My question is this: What is your favorite quote, and why.

Answer: My favorite quote (for today): “best way to push a boat is with the current”. I might have a favorite quote tomorrow.

What does this quote mean? It means, “stop fighting”. Do what you can today. Not more, not less. Don’t try to push people into things they don’t want to do. Don’t do things you don’t want to do. Don’t try to force situations or deals orwhatever if it doesn’t feel right or if you have to compromise yourselfin anyway.

Ilook back over the past few years. Twice I failed to raise a hedge fund. And thank god. That’s hard work! But I was disappointed each time. At least three of my investments have turned to zeros. That’s normal. And thank god they didn’t work. They all led to other investments and they convinced me that the personal checklist I use to judge investments works on both the positive side and negative side.

I look at my relationships over the past ten years. The disappointments I’ve had. In every way: friends, families, business colleagues, and so on. Thank god the ones that didn’t work out, didn’t work out, no matter how much I was disappointed at the time. No matter how angry I was. Nomatter how many times I called up, then argued, then hung up, then called back, then hung up, then pleaded, then cried, then hung up, then called back, then went there, then called from the door, then begged, then cried, then said goodbye, then came back five minutes later, then called form the door, then laughed at stupid jokes, then asked to see, then asked to be, then then then.

Thank god. What a fucking drag.

Nothing worked out. Because I would push the boat against the current. The direction of the current is easy to find if you are honest with yourself. You put your finger up and feel which way the wind isblowing. It’s simple. But between the fingertip and your brain, there are demons and lies that will try to disturb the electric impulses that are going to your synapses. Quiet those lies down and acknowledge the truth each time.

Then push the boat.