What is the sixth law of power and how important is it?

What is the sixth law of power and how important is it? –@justinjmoses

When I answered this I was, and still am, assuming the question is referring to that book “Power: The 48 Laws of Power.” I don’t like that book. I think many of the “laws” are about building yourself up at the expense of others.

Success is not a zero-sum game; else we would still be back in the dark ages. You are most successful when your one overriding thought is how can I bring the most success to others.

That’s the one law of power that everyone needs.

But, I’ll answer the question: the Sixth Law of Power in the book is to court attention wherever you possibly can.

This is not so bad, relative to some of the other “laws” in the book.

However, you can’t court attention for the sake of courting attention. Everything you do has to provide value. If you write a blog post, if you tweet, if you perform a service, deliver value. Don’t even think of doing something without asking first, “What value am I providing”?

So, for instance, I’m courting attention by compiling this book. By doing the Twitter Q&A’s, by writing blog-posts. I’m trying to court a lot of attention.  Some of it is for ego purposes probably. Some of it is so people think of me when potential opportunities arise. I don’t deny I have selfish purposes.

But first and foremost, deliver value. That really should be the sixth law of power. And then, if the value is real and helps people, attention happens automatically.