What is the relationship between relationship success and career success?

Matt Herron @mgherron: What is the relationship between relationship success and career success?


There’s a saying: “Happy Wife = Happy Life”.

This was said to me by a well-known hedge fund manager when I blew off a meeting with him and I lied and said that my wife needed me to do errands around the house that day.

He’s now divorced. And his fund hasn’t done so well in the past few years. And prior employees of his all quit when they were underpaid and mistreated. So everything went wrong. Whenever my relationships go awry, I lose around $15 million cash, give or take, until I’m broke and crying like the little baby I am.

“Success” is a weird word. It’s one of those things that everyone wants but nobody knows what it means. Or, at the very least, everyone has different definitions of it and that definition constantly changes. Success for many people also implies something in the future. As if, “right now I am not a success but if I have X, Y, and Z, then I will be a success.” This sentence is a man-made brainwashing fabrication. A baby doesn’t think about success. it just wants food, shelter, and some cuddling. That’s success.

After that we get thrown layer after layer on top of our definition of success: a college degree is a success, owning a house is success, having a certain salary is success, having a spouse who looks like a model is a success, having a big boat is a success. My view is: you get success after you give up all these definitions. You are successful right now. Pick yourself!

How do you do that? It’s by following the only method I know that encapsulates all aspects of health and prosperity. Abundance can’t come without it.

We have four bodies. The flesh and blood physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. Every body is fed by food. Emotional food is fed to you when you are people who are positive and avoid people who are negative. Mental food happens when you read, develop ideas, absorb knowledge, spiritual health is obtained when you give up all these man-made definitions of success.

If every day you can at the very least check the box on these four bodies then you will be a success. For physical, just walk around the block. For mental, just make a list of ideas. For spiritual, be grateful for what you have. Say them out loud. For emotional, stop dwelling on the negative – catch yourself when that happens and replace it with a positive.

Then you don’t have to worry about future success. All success has already happened to you. The right things will happen. Your life will completely change within six months. And relationship success and career success will automatically be yours. And you will have spiritual success, health success, emotional success. All these things will add together to make you a human being instead of a robot. That’s success.