What is the purpose of marriage?

What is the purpose of marriage? –@RobertSinn

Marriage is a gift you give to your spouse. It’s a gift that says, “I have fully enjoyed our past together, I fully enjoy our present together, and now I want to devote the rest of my future to helping you achieve your goals, to being with you, to you being with me, and to taking care of you (or vice versa) when we are old and sick, as we almost assuredly will be.”

You cannot give a gift like that lightly. The pieces have to be set up in the right spots. Everything has to be aligned. The slightest piece off could mean that your position has gone from “strikingly interesting” to “dubious.” The seeds of disaster are always right there in front of you if they exist.

One area where Claudia and I differ, for instance, is that she likes to travel. I don’t. But I’ve succumbed. We have been all over the world since we met, which fortunately has been much to my enjoyment. One way she’s “sacrificed” if you call it that, is that I have two kids. Two kids are a lot of work! But she loves them and it works.

But the rest of the position on the board works. So I was happy to give her this gift and I hope she was happy to give this gift to me.