What is the first step for a college grad in May?

Ben Cohn ‏ @DaWhatBenja: What is the first step first a college grad in may?? international political economy degree


I wrote a book, “40 Alternatives to College”. But now I regret the title. It should’ve been just “40 Alternatives”.

Here’s the normal ladder: Grades 1-12, College, Graduate School, cubicle world, office world, suit and tie world, executive lunchroom, retired with watch, golf club, hospital, nursing home, hospice, die.

Everything there is mad-made. Everything on the list is a scam. Grades 1-12 are a joke. My 10 year old daughter is worried about her standardized tests. Why is she taking these tests? Not because the school cares about her education but because their government funding depends on her scores. So she has to stress and sweat about her tests.

Screw it.

Change “40 Alternative to College” to “40 Alternatives to Cubicle Nation”. At least for a year or two take the ideas in that book and do them. They will be cheap, they will be fun, they will expand your mind, and in a year if you want to go back to cubicle nation, then go for it! I wish someone had told me I had these choices before and even after college.