What is the biggest or most annoying problem you wish someone would solve for you?

What is the biggest or most annoying problem you wish someone would solve for you? –@DaveChmiel

I think I answered this on twitter in too personal a fashion. Maybe that’s not what you meant. So I will give personal and professional answers.

My absolute biggest problems nobody can help me with. I have to day by day massage my problems so that they no longer jut out and stab everyone around me including myself

  • fear of going broke. A fear created ever since my parents went broke, ever since I went repeatedly broke. A fear thats hard to overcome no matter how much money or lack of I have.
  • fear of being abandoned. Claudia is a great wife. Will she ever leave me? Who knows? Every day I’m afraid.
  • fear I’ll run out of ideas for this blog or people will stop liking it. I work really hard to make sure
  • I’d like to keep improving the ways I’m honest with myself and others and the way I am kind to others.

This is all personal problems that nobody can help me with. The only way I keep working on them is by following my own advice I’ve outlined in my book “I Was Blind But Now I See”

But here’s a professional problem I have that’s probably already been solved somewhere:

I need two things:

A centralized way to integrate all comments: when I do a blog post I have ongoing conversations on Twitter, Facebook (both on my personal page and my blog page), my blog, Google+ and sometimes Reddit or YCombinator and sites I syndicate to.

I’d like one way to aggregate all the conversations so people can really build community.

Next: analytics. When I post I get Twitter retweets, favorites, Facebook lkes/shares, G+ likes/shares, YCombinator likes, etc not to mention Facebook likes and G+ likes right on the blog itself. I’d like to get a sense of the total impact a blog post has.

These are two things I need and I’d probably pay a monthly subscription if it was done right.