What do you think is the purpose of life?

What do you think is the purpose of life? –@adriennetran

Somewhere in the middle of “have everything you want” and “to want nothing” lies “purpose.”

We have to feed our families, we have to be responsible, so we can’t just hide in a cave (i.e. want nothing) but at some point there needs to be room to develop the soul.

So if we get everything we want, but we want as little as possible, somewhere in that spectrum lies our true purpose to be found.

I try every day to throw things out. I’ve accumulated a lot in the past 40 years. I try to simplify. I also try to simplify my relationships. Attend fewer meetings. Learn more during the extra quiet periods I have. By doing this I can learn more about what my passions might be, how to pursue them, how to enjoy them. Or worse cast, I avoid being around people and situations that dissuade me from purpose.

On a grander scale, I think all purpose is spiritual in nature. Not spiritual in a religious sense. But in “something else”. All of the atoms in my body were ultimately created in the Big Bang. All information in my brain comes from events that happened after that one moment. I think ultimate purpose is connecting with those gaps in between the atoms, in between those units of micro-information that may have existed before the first moments of the Universe.

I know that sounds a little crazy. But if I believe anything at all, I believe that that’s possible.