What are your top 3 favorite movies?

What are your top 3 favorite movies? -@authenticvoytek

I have more than 3 favorites. BUT:

Lawrence of Arabia


Schindler’s List

Why those three? Because they are all epic, they are all terrifying. They are all roughly true stories (the Truth is often a 1000x more interesting than fiction).

And they all deal with people who have a certain degree of craziness. People who through their personal nobility, their hardships, their inner demons and angels, rose up and created an entirely new world from that nobility and craziness. Whenever I see one of those movies, I want to be like the main character, someone with the inner strength to change the world, to change everything around me with the force of my will. That’s what those movies are about.

Plus, in those three movies, the cinematography is without compare. Even Lawrence of Arabia which is so much older than any modern special effects movie today. The desert landscapes are beautiful, and the pace of the movie, the music, the language, the acting, all fit the pace of being in a desert – slow, thirsty for more, beautiful. And Lawrence is so insane, so crazy, and yet so determined to be a leader among men. To shine where he was not allowed to shine in the strict confines of the class system of England. Ditto for the other two.

BUT: I have to add now:

“The Conversation”, “After Hours”, and my all-time favorite comedy: “Superbad” as runners-up.