What are the most common mistake you see young professionals make early in their career?

What are the most common mistake you see young professionals make early in their career? –@blippd

I often see young people “give up”. In other words, they got the job, now they focus on how they can get promoted and get a raise. They lose sight of the bigger picture:

– How can they improve the world

– How they improve the live of their colleagues

– How can they continue to self-improve: exercise, keep positive people in your life, keep the ideas flowing, stay grateful for everything in life, always keep an eye out for opportunities.

– I also see too many young people focus on the needs of their boss (i.e. they kiss ass) rather than their own needs. They lose their personalities they have spent 23 years or so building up.

So my advice is twofold: how to do good on your job. How to do good for yourself

To do good on your job:

– Help all of your colleagues whenever they need help

– Give everyone else credit. Never take too much credit yourself. Then you become the “source” instead of the guy begging for credit. People only remember The Source, never the beggar.

– Learn everything in your industry – every company, the history of every company, the history of every executive you can, the history of every marketing campaign, every product development, talk to people in every division and learn what they do. Separate yourself out from the pack by really learning what your company does at a very deep level, so when it’s your turn to be a high level executive, you know everything that is going on.

– BUT, never let the idea muscle go. Always network with people from other companies. Come up with ideas every day. Ten a day on how to improve your company, or on new companies you can start.

– And remember to always continue the daily practice of staying healthy. Use tdp.me to keep track of your daily goals and how you can improve.