Wat does having 100k twitter followers open opportunity wise? 500k?

Benjamin Michael ‏@Bmp135 what does having 100k twitter followers open opportunity wise? 500k?


We each have a personal responsibility to be the best person we can be. A society is made up of individuals. The more inspiring you become, the entire society uplifts ever so slightly. With social media you can now associate with positive and inspirational people from around the world instead of being limited to the people in your neighborhood.

So having 500k followers means more people want to be associated with you. Means you have a great responsibility to be healthy in a variety of ways: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually: to not talk badly about people, to talk about the things that motivate you, to speak about the injustices you care about, to talk about the ways you stay healthy and increase the quality and happiness of your life. People listen to you.

(Ellen has 10mm+ twitter followers and I think that is a good thing)

And then the benefits of having a 500k followers is again: the world society uplifts ever more slightly. And continues as social media interlinks us all every tighter. At the heart we share 99.9% genetic material with each other. And now we also share friends.

[I ran this answer past several people with 500k+ followers and people very much agreed with the answer]