Was it easy for you to stop caring what people thought? How can we stop caring?

Efrain Martinez ‏@martefrain: was it easy for you to stop caring what people thought? like parents, friends, etc. how can we stop caring?


Unfortunately I always care what people think but I write as if I don’t care. That’s the hard part. I try not to care. I ask myself when I wake up, “can I please not care today what people will think”. But I also try to not write ANYTHING unless I know I’m going to care what people are going to think about it.

This, of course, get’s me into trouble. Because then if people don’t like something, I might care too much.

However, more important than caring, is delivering a message that you think is important.

Here’s what has happened in the world:

– the brainwashing starts when we are children. So we get programmed into believing things about education, housing, the political system, history, religion, polite society, etc. People slowly forget how to question these societal norms. I question them without thinking for selfish reasons. I don’t want this brainwashing to effect me or the people around me. Or, for that matter, I don’t want them to effect you.

– We also have forgotten completely what leads to happiness. It’s very simple to be happy. The key is to not want anything. If your expectations are zero, you’ll be the richest man alive.

Here’s the problem: we all want something. Money, sex, the girl, the guy, the house, the car. I want things also. So we can’t be perfect. I don’t want to be in a cave. But every day I try to “declutter”. I make life easier for myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I remove burdens and I strengthen the muscles in those “bodies”.

I can say I’m about to self-promote but since it’s free I might as well: try tdp.me to keep track of your goals on each category. There are thousands of people using it now and over 30,000 goals have been achieved in just the pre-alpha release of the site. You don’t have to keep at it every day. Don’t feel guilty using it. Just enjoy. I care about people using it because I think as a society we have gone off track. We’ve veered into excessive anxiety enmeshed with materialism and we don’t even know how or why. Fan your internal flame and shed light on all the people around you.

Then, gradually, the opinions of others burn off before they can even touch you.