Should the government control CEO bonuses?

Should the government control CEO bonuses? –@SteathAviator

You mean the same US government with 9% unemployment and military actions in 120 countries and 2 major wars? The same government that can’t get rid of deadlock over the debt ceilings, etc.? How many things have the government botched in the past decade? 9/11, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with no exit strategy. Countless deadlocks, roadblocks, etc. between Congress and the President.

Why do you now want them to control salaries? How will they botch that also? Shareholders need to ultimately hold the heads of their companies responsible for misdeeds. We’re going through a transforming time. Using the government will only postpone that transformation because now we’ll have too many parties to blame.

I’m really disgusted with all politics and not any politician in general. This is obviously nothing new. Most people share that belief. But let’s act on it. We can actually Abolish The Presidency and life would be a lot better.