Should I email a CEO for a job?

Lavada Lindsey ‏@coilsANDcurls: Is it creepy or overbearing for some1 looking for a job 2 send a fb message to the CEO’s inbox. It’s a social media savvy company


Yeah, you’re a creep. That’s so creepy to send an email to someone.

But seriously, send an email but make sure it contains value: here’s 5 ways to improve your company. By the way, I’m already applying for a job at your company as an X.

Even better: Oh! Try this. This will be fun. Make a Facebook ad and a Google ad where you are ONLY targeting him. Everyone does a vanity search. Make sure you buy the keyword for his name. So the ad reads: “John Quincy, CEO of XYZ! I have 5 ideas for you, here they are! [then put the first one and a link to the rest]” and link the ad to your website with the five ideas. And explain in the website why you want the job and the title you are asking for.