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Episode 118: No Matter How Hard You Try You Can’t Get Out Of Its Way

If you want to see into the future, if you want to live longer, healthier and happier then you must tune into today’s podcast.

It may scare the hell out of you but there is no holding it back.

The future is here and you can’t get out of it’s way.

Steven Kotler the best-selling author, journalist and entrepreneur joins me for today’s show.

Steven’s books include Abundance, Rise of Superman, Bold and his newest release, Tomorrowland: Our Journey from Science Fact to Science Fiction.

Tomorrowland offers a positive and optimistic look into the future, and at the same time is a bit scary.

With an introduction of, the future is here, Steven’s book outlines the rapid pace that technology is and will continue to define us in every way imaginable.

Some of the highlights from the book include:

  • Strap-on bionics that reverse the aging trend and put force back into our bodies.
  • Extending life and how stem cells can be used to swap out old body parts for new ones.
  • Things like artificial vision that restore what was lost.

With all the advancements, questions are raised.  Steven asks the question of how all these things that are rapidly becoming possible will affect religion and our thoughts about theoretical mortality in the face of technological immortality.

We discuss having the ability to move our short-term memories to a place in the brain where long-term memories are stored.  On the scary side of all this is synthetic biology where somebody can make a customizable disease that can target even one specific person without them knowing.

Criminals will exploit it and the use of microsensors in public places could be a way to fight back.

Steven believes the greatest opportunities are currently in virtual reality where immersive virtual reality will be exploding in three to five years.

He thinks even our jobs will move into the virtual world eventually because we will be spending more and more time there.

According to Steven internet-sized opportunities exist in this because:

  • Technology is progressing at a rapid rate.
  • Economic possibilities have been proven.
  • Deeply meaningful experiences will be created.

Links and Resources Mentioned In The Show: 

  • To learn more about Tomorrowland and Steven’s other books and articles, head to Steven Kotler
  • Steven is the co-founder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project.  While you’re there check out the free flow profile.
  • Also, Steven writes a blog for, it’s called Far Frontiers:
  • Follow Steven on Twitter at  @kotlersteven  

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