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“I’m on track to make about $40,000 just from this month,” says Steven Scott, a self-publishing tycoon.

I am blown away by Steven’s success and so excited to share with you his secrets. His advice made a huge impact on my self-publishing career.

You need two things: habit and authority.

First: habit. Writing is a habit. Successful writers write everyday. You have to force yourself.

Second: authority. What qualifies someone as an authority? Ultimately, you decide.

For example, I’m an authority figure on being an idea machine. You might be an authority on baking or mozart rap. You get authority by taking it.

If you want to self-publish, you need to listen to this interview. Steven is the ultimate authority on Amazon publishing.

In todays interview, he tells you how to brainstorm writing ideas, how to start writing and even more advanced tips like how to reverse engineer Amazon’s system to write bestsellers. He even wrote a book called Is $.99 The New Free? The Truth About Launching and Pricing Your Kindle Books.

This episode will give you the kick you need to declare your authority and write.

Between this interview and my “Ultimate Checklist Before Self Publishing” you are well on your way to the top.

I can’t wait to see you on Amazon.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to come up with writing topics
  • How to start writing
  • The secret to reverse engineering Amazon’s self-publishing system
  • What you’re an authority figure on
  • Plus much more…

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