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Episode 269: How He Found a Gap in The Market and Became The Billionaire Founder of Virgin

Sir Richard Branson. End of notes. Enjoy.

Just kidding.

The advice from Richard is priceless. He’s a self-made billionaire (BILLION!) who windsurfed across the English Channel with his kids, biked from Northern Italy to Southern italy with his whole family (they rode 100 miles a day). He’s active everyday. Active in life, active in fatherhood, active in business.

“My slogan is ‘Screw it, just do it.’ Why not just try these things? You may fall flat on your face,” he said, “but you’ll have fun.”

That’s part of “find your virginity.” (The slogan based on his new book “Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography“)

Then he told me how he applies this to Virgin, the multi-billion dollar empire he started on a whim…

“A business is simply coming up with an idea that’s going to make people’s lives better,” he said. That’s why he’s been in business for over 50 years. “If I hadn’t reinvented myself I wouldn’t be in business,” he said. “And if I see a situation where people’s lives are not as good as they could be, we’ll jump in. We’ll try to improve people’s lives.”

I don’t have an easy time saying “screw it.” I usually overthink. And second guess myself. I want to change that. So I called Richard. And he told me how to change… he told me how to find my virginity.

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