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I heard her yell, “that’s my journey right there! I’m going to be a mom! And a doctor!”

The lantern flew. “Angels! Angels!” She yelled.

She passed me a lantern from the balcony above. She must have laid on the ground to reach her arm to mine.

“Don’t lose the wax. That’s what makes it fly.”

My friends wrote down wishes, lit the lantern and watched it sink down to the floor 20 feet below.

It burned to the ground. The ashes smelt like black popcorn.

And my friends began to mourn their dreams.

I left the party to read.

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra gave me 5 ideas to experiment with. His brother is Deepak Chopra.

They wrote the national bestseller, “Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny and the American Dream.”

(highly recommended)

Now Dr. Sanjiv just published, “The Big 5: Five Simple Things You Can Do to Live a Longer Healthier Life.”

Deepak called it “the lazy person’s guide to health and longevity.”

I am the lazy person.

When you listen to today’s podcast you’ll learn:

1. How to rewire your brain [13:00]

2. Dr. Sanjiv’s secret to never getting yelled at by his wife [10:14]

3. What exactly influences your health [38:15]

She kept yelling, “Father!”

“Angels, take them away.”

My head got heavy while reading.

The party ended. But it was still on my mind. The burnt dreams, the way she moaned to God, the connection between strangers, the distance betweens strangers…

From Sanjiv, I learned tricks to live longer.

And from the party I learned one trick to live fully…

Never depend on a lantern to carry your dreams.

Unless you’re the lantern.

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