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Episode 72: The Conversation In Your Head

Before becoming an idea machine, I was boring.

I was trapped in my head. I thought about the same problems over and over again: divorce, losing my job, going broke, losing my kids, being alone, drunken homelessness.

I had no ideas.

“We never get bored of our thoughts,” says Sam Harris, author of Waking Up, “but they are very boring.”

When you get anxious, you start having a conversation with yourself and that conversation can make you feel stuck.

It goes like this: “Repeating conversations in your head, rehearsing, what you said and what you should have said,” Sam says. It’s a broken record.

You imprison yourself. In this episode you’ll learn how to get out of this mental prison. How to be free. What it means to be conscious.

Sam lives for extraordinary experiences. Have you had one?

Or are you holding back? Sam went around the world exploring “extraordinary experiences.” He says, “This is where life gets really really good,” Sam will teach you how to be free.

Today, you can unarrest yourself.

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