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Let’s play a game.

Would you rather: a.) do the same thing and fail or b.) try something new and potentially fail?

You like to think you’d choose b, but what do your actions say? Do you try new things or not? Are you a doer or a dreamer?

Ramit Sethi, New York Times bestselling author of I Will Teach You How To Be Rich, says most people choose a.) do the same thing and fail.

We’re creatures of habit. We do what we. We’re scared of the unknown.

We’re more comfortable knowing the outcome even if that outcome is ultimately failure. We repeat ourselves. We commit to habits because we don’t realize we’re committing to failure.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is Einstein’s definition of insanity. You’re insane and you might also be unhappy, unsatisfied, or maybe just “not unhappy.” But you could be more than that. You could be rich.

In todays, interview, you’ll hear how Ramit Sethi, learned how to be happy, fulfilled, satisfied. You’ll learn how he created a rich life and how you can too. “Part of living a rich life is money,” he says, “but it’s only a small part.”

Ramit started his exploration of a rich life by studying the psychology of personal finance. What he discovered was that all the experts say the same things (i.e. stop buying lattes, have a budget, etc.). But people don’t listen. People would rather forgo longterm financial security for short term pleasure.

He realized the “expert advice” doesn’t align with the way people really think. “I was just sick and tired of these guys telling us what we should do instead of what actually works.”

So, he researched what actually works.

In the interview, Ramit starts by teaching you how to “automate the basics,” meaning how to automate parts of your life so you don’t even have to think about them. With less to think and worry about, you’ll have less stress and more energy to do what you actually want to be doing.

He found that the answer is in doing not dreaming. Ramit says, “You will learn more from doing it than from dreaming or analyzing it by a factor of a million.”

Listen today to learn how to do what you dream.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The psychology behind motivation
  • How to create systems that automate your life
  • How to have enough energy to focus on what you actually want to focus on
  • How to have a rich life
  • Plus much more…

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