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I’ve never been a vampire. But Kellan has. He got his big break in “Twilight.” This was an epic. Five movies back to back. It was a supernatural role in this made up fantasy world. And that’s where he found his freedom.

“With Sci-Fi, you have this freedom to create whatever world, whatever rules, you want. There’s nothing tell you what you can and cannot do,” he said. “We’re playing these vampires that don’t breathe, don’t eat, so trying to portray human qualities was interesting.”

But now he’s done with that series. He’s taking on more challenging characters. And contributing his fame to charities he cares about deeply.

He came to New York to support the Geoffrey Beene Foundation. (He’s the brand ambassador for them). They had an event in New York, “Frame This Revelation.” It’s aimed “to uncovers the truth of cancer’s ruthless and vicious assault by showcasing the work of artists who are battling this insidious disease – either for themselves or their loved ones.” The campaign is raising awareness for new cancer research. And I felt lucky to learn about it directly from Kellan.

“Children and animals just always get my heart beating. And when my good friend, Kim Biddle, created “Save the Innocence” an organization that deals with children being trafficked for sex out in LA…”

I had to interject. Because I’m totally naive.

“How big is this problem? Because on a day to day basis, you hear the words “sex trafficking,” but you never see it.” He told me about the problem. He told me how it’s all around us in everyday life. And how we miss the signs. Because we’re not educated.

“When you’re educated, you see it first hand,” he said. He told me how hard it is for girls to escape. And why they get trapped repeatedly.

And he told me the solution to… building a case, getting law enforcement involved… “A lot of times, women don’t feel worthy… we have to give them hope,” he said. And so I listened and I learned how we can give hope.

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