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Don’t give up on your dreams. “Giving up on your dreams doesn’t come for free,” says Chris Hadfield, astronaut extraordinaire. Chris followed his dreams for 33 years before they became a reality.

Children dream. Children explore. Adults talk. And adults do. “We get the ability to explore way before we get common sense or perspective on how anything works,” Chris says. If you stopped exploring, start again.

In today’s interview you learn how to live the life you want. Take it from Chris. He’s an astronaut so he really has an outside perspective.

Chris says, “When you’re floating at the window of the space station and you go around the world every 92 minutes, you see the world in its completeness.”

Chris lived his dreams because he explored his curiosity. That’s the secret. You need to explore. No matter how impossible they seem, your dreams deserve exploring. That’s the other secret. You need to believe in the impossible. Chris made the impossible possible and became the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space.

That doesn’t mean he’s never failed, though, which we talk about, too. “You will not reach the potential you’re capable of – which to me is the ultimate risk, the ultimate loss – if you let yourself be minimized by fear,” Chris says.

Believe in possible. Be curious. Explore.

I’m excited for you to listen to today’s episode and regain confidence in your dreams.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

• What it takes to make the impossible possible

• How to anticipate problems and lead through them

• How giving up on your dreams comes at a cost

• Advice on selecting a supportive partner to “point out the beauties of life” with

• How to recover from disappointments and failures

• The importance of celebrating small successes

• The power of sharing the human experience online

• How technology becomes the limit of success

• Plus much more…

“You won’t reach your potential if you let yourself be minimized by fear” – click to tweet

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

•  Chris’ book, which I highly recommend! An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth: 

•   Chris’ famous video singing Space Oddity by David Bowie

•   Video of Chris brushing his teeth in space

Other Links and Resources:

•   Read Chris’ hilarious “about” page on his website

•  Chris’ official Canadian Space Agency biography

Thanks so much for listening!

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