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Tim Ferriss has a life-changing surprise for you.

It was expensive. I mean it was expensive for him. It cost him a couple hundred thousand dollars to get. It also wasn’t easy. He fought for a year and a half to get it.

This is going to change our lives. Yes, both of us.

Let me ask you this. What’s the one skill you always wanted and don’t have?

Is it Brazilian jujitsu? Flirting? Poker? How to get out of hostage situation? Whatever it is you can learn it.

You just need to know how to learn. Learning is a skill.

Tim Ferriss did a bunch of experiments and mastered learning. In today’s show, he reveals the secret to gaining any skill you ever wanted. Enter, The Tim Ferriss Experiment.

“My job is to get people from zero percent to the top five percent in six months or less,” he says, “The skill I’m refining is meta-learning. It’s the toolkit.”

The best part is he filmed all 13 experiments. Now it’s a show. It’s “myth busters meets Jackass.” Cleary, a must watch.

I’m going to make my daughter binge watch it today. Even if she has homework. This is more important. And more valuable.

The best part? He’s releasing all 13 episodes “House of Cards style” today.

In “The Tim Ferriss Experiment,” Tim goes around trying to learn the most difficult skills in the world.

Sometimes he’s successful. Other times he has to pull himself out of having an anxiety attack.

In today’s interview, Tim reveals why we suck at learning new skills. The best part is it’s not your fault. You can do anything you want. Think about it. People with no legs can run.

Listen today to hear how to choose the best teacher, find an unorthodox mentor, alter your technique and much more.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What’s holding you back from learning the skills you want
  • How to present yourself in the best way possible
  • How to find unorthodox mentors and teachers
  • How to identify outliers
  • How to learn to learn
  • What examples you should study when practicing a new skill

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