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By its very nature, social media lends itself to users showing the highlights of their lives and sharing their best moments, but only after they’ve cropped, edited and refined those moments.

Casey Neistat, the prolific creator of YouTube videos that have made us look at our world a bit differently, thinks it’s time we use social media to share the authentic moments of our lives.

His new app Beme allows for social media interaction to take on a new level of realness.

Casey Neistat, film director, producer, and YouTube creator, has gained a huge following. Millions of people look forward to his daily vlog on his YouTube channel.

Casey and I recorded a podcast back in January 2015 (Ask Altucher Ep 202). What brings us together this time is a new app that Casey co-founded that could significantly change how people view social media.

Named Beme, the app uses snippets of videos the user takes and then sends them to other Beme users. It does so without giving the user the opportunity to edit the video. Casey says that without scrutinizing the images of ourselves, we are able to bring honesty and authenticity to the things we send out as we share how we see the world.

As you use the app, your phone screens turns off and captures what you are seeing. Casey explains Beme has various discovery cells, with one that specifically focuses on strangers and includes the nearby stranger, the interesting stranger, and the faraway stranger.

Each discovery cell is a part of your social media network and allows you to look in on what it is seeing. Casey says Beme is built around a “platform of authenticity”.

Other highlights of our conversation include:

  • The effort Casey puts into each video he creates
  • The Make It Count Nike video that created a sensation
  • His process for what he decides to develop
  • How persistence is critical to anyone trying to achieve success in his field

Casey says what he does takes hard work and he paves his own way. He explains that in his process, he is beholden only to himself and his voice, and it’s an incredibly liberating way to be.

Links and Resources:

To find sources for all the social media platforms Casey uses, go to Casey Neistat.

Casey posts his daily vlogs on his YouTube channel. You’ll also find all his videos there too, including the Make It Count Nike video.

Learn more about Beme, Casey’s new app.

Listen to Casey’s previous interview with me here, Ep 202 Casey Neistat.

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