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Are you attractive? Some people thought Neil Strauss wasn’t. Until he got in the game.

Neil is a master pickup artist. But in decoding the pickup artist scene, Neil discovered a lot more about love, life, trust and how your upbringing is effecting your daily habits.

In today’s show, Neil and I take turns interviewing each other. He asked me, “What did you not get from your parents that you needed?”

My answer is the same as Hugh Hefner. And now it all makes sense…

This question says a lot about you. Neil uses the question to analyze your core beliefs. Beliefs shape habits.

According to Neil, you can learn techniques to changes your habits or you can learn deep down what’s inside yourself. He says, “A lot of people try to change their behavior, but if you don’t change your beliefs, then whatever it is that motivated your behavior will find another way to come out sideways.”

We also talk about writing. Neil has seven New York Times bestselling books.

A big challenge for people is what to write about. People let myths stop them from being creative.

One myth is that you should focus on one topic. Don’t box yourself in. Trying to be an expert is inauthentic. And building a platform around one idea is a dead end. That’s why I encourage you to become an idea machine.

Neil also shares his secrets to becoming a captivating storyteller.

Plus, he shares the greatest lesson of all: how to get over your fears. Neil says, “Chances are those things that you’re most afraid to share are the things other people need to hear.”

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to get over your fear of humilation
  • How to be an authentic storyteller
  • Why your beliefs are holding you back from changing your habits
  • How your childhood is effecting you today
  • Plus much more…

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