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I got shot last week.

“You shot me!”

“I wrapped you,” the officer said.

There’s a difference.

People get shot by tasers and guns every day. And my friends are on a (successful) mission to change this. They invented something that we desperately need: a non-lethal weapon.

Chief Don Deluca game me the stats.

Every four minutes, someone in New York calls the police about a mental health crisis. Then they get there. And don’t know how to handle the situation.

We’ve all seen the videos.

I’ve seen too many. Because my friend, Scot Cohen, who’s been on my podcast a few times, kept sending them to me. He knew I wanted to violence to stop. So he increased my exposure.

And made me part of the team.

The worst video I saw was of a mentally ill kid. He was showering. They shot him with the taser. And he was electrocuted to death.

This problem has existed for decades.

And it takes a special kind of mind to say, “No more.”

“Just because extreme force may be justified doesn’t mean it’s right,” Chief Don Deluca said on my podcast. He understands the mind of police. He understands from the ground floor, why so many people die every year at the hands of law enforcement. He understands the cost in dollars. And he understands the cost to the communities.

They have a saying when someone dies or gets injured by an officer. “Lawful but awful.”

He honed in on the awful. And asked, “How can we change this.”

Enter in: the BolaWrap.

The BolaWrap is a new technology that helps officers restrain people without using extreme force.

In this interview, I ask Don how he got the courage to stand up and change something that hasn’t changed in over 30 years. And I asked Scot how he built the team that is now getting this new technology on the belts of officers everywhere.

Here’s the video of me getting “wrapped.”

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And here’s what’ll you learn in today’s podcast with Chief Don Deluca, ambassador of public safety for Wrap Technologies, and my friend Scot Cohen, who has been involved in this project’s development since day one. 


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