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Bill Cartwright and I have nothing in common. He’s from the west coast and I’m from the east coast. He’s 7’1” and I’m not. When Bill got drafted to the NBA, they called him “Moses”. He held every important basketball title in high school AND college. But being tall and having talent are two very different things. I wanted to know the evolution of becoming a peak performer.

So I asked him, “What made you want to be good?” It was obvious he was working really hard from a young age. So what was that driving force that pushed him over the edge?

“Everybody wants to be good at something,” he said, “In sports everybody wants to be a good shooter. Or a great player. There are thousands of people who want to do that. So what’s going to separate them?  Time.  The time you’re willing to put in. It’s the sacrifices you’re willing to make.”

Then he told me his WHY.  “I liked it,” he said.