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You may remember Amy, she came on my podcast a few weeks ago. We discussed her book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.”

I asked her why is it a book about what people DON’T do instead of SHOULD do. It seemed counterintuitive to me.

But her reasoning made sense. The book wasn’t written for other people. It was actually just a letter to herself at first. And then she put it online. And it became viral… that led to a book deal.

The podcast was really popular. But I feel like you didn’t get the full story…

Amy’s not just an author, therapist, social worker/mentally strong person. She’s also an entrepreneur.

She was making money in her sleep…

“I’ve always had some sort of a side hustle usually something fun or strange,” she said.

I knew immediately I needed to have her back on the show. I wanted her to  share this with my listeners. Because these are “choose yourself” ideas. Simple, easy to execute, and anyone can do it.

“I had a friend who had a jewelry store,” Amy said, “so I knew the markup on jewelry was incredible, like 200 hundred or 300 hundred percent.”

And she knew jewelry was fairly inexpensive to ship because it didn’t weigh anything. Over the years she and her husband thought about how they could turn this into something they could monetize. And finally they did it.

I asked so many questions about how she pulled the trigger. And got the courage. I wanted to know how she made this business work. I also gave her ideas about how she could scale.

I really believe this: anyone who listens to this podcast can start doing their own side hustle right now.

“Over time it went from a few dollars to a few hundred and then before I knew it we were up to a few $1,000  dollars a month.”

You could quit your job I told her.

“That was the dream,” she said.

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