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Suzanne Somers has sex twice a day.

She’s 73.

“I’m horniest on the 12th day of the month,” she said. “When there’s a full moon.”

“I’ll never look at a full moon the same ever again,” I said.

She laughed. And told me why she’s feeling younger… even though she’s getting older. Which she writes about in her new bestselling book, “A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting-Edge Advances in Antiaging.”

Some people might say “an actress” isn’t qualified to write a scientific book about aging.

But that’s stupid. One: she’s human. With human problems that lead her to see real doctors. The best doctors. With cutting-edge formulas to beat aging.

She told me, “I’ve beat cancer three times,” she said. And now she plans to live into her hundreds.

But with a caveat…

“If I’m going to be alive, then I want to be alive. What’s alive? I want to have a sex drive. I want to have nice shiny hair. I don’t want to have unexplained weight gain. I don’t want to have insomnia. I don’t want to have night sweats. I don’t want to have hot flashes. I don’t want to be forgetful.”

That’s what this book and this podcast is about. She breaks down:

– how to prevent memory loss

– how to keep your sex drive even as you age

– how to have quality of life into your hundreds

– how to access the lastest age-defying technology

And we invited our friend Dr. Mitchell on to help back up her research.

And give us the science we need to be just as horny.

Full moon. Or not.


  • 0:00 | Intro
  • 2:05 | Why Suzanne wrote a book about holistic medicine and what she does personally to prevent aging
  • 5:42 | Nobody thinks they’ll end up in a nursing home… but what are the real steps to avoid ending up there?
  • 6:48 | Why Suzanne says that getting cancer 20 years ago was “the greatest thing that ever happened to her”
  • 7:36 | The effects of chemo 
  • 8:13 | Suzanne talks about how she beat cancer three times
  • 12:37 | The suspicious way Suzanne’s doctor died
  • 15:01 | I ask why Steve Jobs swapped holistic medicine for chemotherapy
  • 15:49 | How food becomes fuel for your health
  • 17:03 | Dr. Mitchell says why Suzanne’s book is revolutionary
  • 19:01 | “Don’t go to the doctor like a child. Go to the doctor like a contractor.” – Suzanne Somers
  • 20:55 | How to deal with menopause, balance your hormones and keep your sex drive as you age
  • 25:17 | Do supplements work?
  • 28:20 | Suzanne “femsplains” prostate and why testosterone is the antidote to prostate cancer
  • 34:28 | Why NAD is “the closest thing we found to the fountain of youth”
  • 35:45 | How to know whether or not your body is absorbing minerals
  • 37:10 | The #1 supplement we need
  • 39:02 | Why vegans don’t live as long
  • 39:56 | The long-terms effects of radiation on the body
  • 42:25 | Why we become sluggish as we age
  • 43:56 | The power of keeping your insides young
  • 45:10 | Outro


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