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I don’t go to the doctor. The doctor comes to me.

Not in an arrogant way. I don’t let them check my body. Or look in my mouth.

I just have them on my podcast.

I haven’t been to a doctor in 35 years. Because I don’t think they know what they’re talking about.

They aren’t in the lab.

They do “routine checkups.”


I want the cutting-edge science. So I called Dr. Steven Gundry. He’s the author of “The Longevity Paradox,” “The Plant Paradox” and now he has a cookbook, “The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook.”

But it’s more than just recipes. He tells you the underlying science of what makes this food healthy. And other food harmful.

“If you want to get fat, eat fruit,” Dr. Steven Gundry said.

“WHAT?!” I couldn’t believe it. “I know fruitarians,” I said. 

Then he told me to eat less protein.


“Protein dramatically ages us,” he said.

I was stressed. 

The list was too long. Take away:

  • Proteins
  • Sugars
  • Most carbs
  • Fruits…


“It sounds like I’m eating a pile of shit now,” I said.

“No! I want you to eat…”

He gave me a list.

Thank god.

I’m not going to die.

I’ll tell you what I like about this list. Each food has a purpose: increase energy levels, develop higher brain functioning, help diversify your gut bacteria, etc. 

All of this is to help you live longer, decrease your chances of Alzheimer’s and reverse the effects of poor nutritional advice we got from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today.

Here’s a list of subjects Dr. Gundry and I talk about. Plus you’ll also hear questions from my special guest cohost, Dr. Dean Mitchell, a board-certified immunologist who practices here in NYC. 

  • 4:50 | How living organisms survive. And why certain nutritional information you’ve been told is actually false. And harmful.
  • 8:34 | “All disease begins in the gut.”—Hippocrates 
  • 9:08 | Where do diseases come from? Dr. Gundry explains the danger of “leaky gut.” And how certain foods cause it.
  • 13:14 | Why going gluten-free doesn’t stop people from being celiac. 
  • 14:50 | How the human diet has evolved over time. 
  • 16:53 | The surprising foods that are actually bad for you.
  • 20:39 | The pros and cons of going vegan.
  • 24:24 | Dr. Gundy shares new discoveries about the “blue zones.” 
  • 28:44 | Too much protein can negatively affect your kidney function. I ask Dr. Gundry how much protein is enough for the average person. (Spoiler: it’s surprisingly little.)
  • 30:19 | The benefit of polyphenols. And how to get them.
  • 31:45 | Why “antioxidants” is just a buzzword.  
  • 32:40 | The No. 1 thing you can do to feel healthier today.
  • 39:02 | Humans are “the cockroach of the earth.” Because we have a horrible ability to detoxify. All humans have heavy metals and pesticides in our bodies. We store it in our fat. But if we’re not careful, those toxins can get into our bloodstream. Dr. Gundy shares some ways to prevent this.
  • 44:02 | Where to get your nutrients (and the truth about vitamins).
  • 45:55 | Stay away from peanut butter… it produces plaque, which produces heart disease.
  • 46:36 | I want permission to eat food. So I ask Dr. Gundy, “What can I eat?”
  • 47:00 | The pros of eating healthy fats. And how this helps your brain function.
  • 49:09 | Where to buy your produce. And when to buy organic vs. generic.
  • 50:32 | Do this to produce more energy.
  • 53:15 | My newest diet. 
  • 55:33 | Certain cheeses are good for you. And can help promote longevity. Dr. Gundy explains why.
  • 56:43 | Eat more of this…
  • 57:55 | Which nuts are good for your gut, and why almonds might not be great for you.
  • 58:33 | The benefits of mushrooms. Dr. Gundry references a study that says people who eat an average of two cups of mushrooms a week have a 90% reduction in Alzheimer’s than people who don’t eat mushrooms.
  • 1:00:13 | Eat “resistant starches,” i.e. sweet potato, purple potatoes, jicama
  • 1:01:43 | I tell Dr. Gundry which recipes in his cookbook “The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook” I’m most excited about (spoiler: Thai coconut chicken).
  • 1:02:23 | Why we have to be careful with honey and agave. 
  • 1:03:43 | Where to find Dr. Gundy’s resources. He made food pyramids and charts that show you which foods are good for you. And which are bad.
  • 1:04:31 | I ask Dr. Gundy his thoughts on resveratrol, MNM, and metformin.
  • 1:05:29 | The future of fecal transplants. And how to get a younger gut.
  • 1:08:50 | How exercise reduces your chances of Alzheimer’s.


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