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Tim Staples makes content go viral. He has the formula.

“Sharing is the magic bullet,” he said.

Not likes.

Not comments.

“Those all factor into the equation,” he said. “But when someone will share something, that is a very, very personal action.”

So how do you get someone to share?

He says you should focus on 5 specific tactics…

This is the psychology behind capturing attention. Which is critical in any area of life:

Sales, pitching a business, growing a following online, getting people behind you, crowdfunding, getting your kids to listen and care, etc.

Here’s a list of what we talk about. All from Tim’s new book, “Break Through The Noise: The Nine Rules To Capture Global Attention.”

  • Episode preview – [0:00]
  • I introduce Tim Staples, author of “Break Through The Noise: The Nine Rules To Capture Global Attention.” – [2:49]
  • How Tim got started in the business of making viral content – [4:16]
  • Tim explains his “value for value” partnership strategy – [6:30]
  • I ask Tim how he initially connected with brands and celebrities – [7:10]
  • What brand deals were like in the early days of social media. Tim says, “I felt like I was seeing the future everyday.” – [8:45]
  • I recap why Tim’s “value for value” strategy works – [10:32]
  • Why celebrities don’t write their own checks – [11:10]
  • Tim gives a step by step example that shows you exactly how he gets celebrities to come to events – [11:38]
  • The history of messaging… how to reach people… then vs. now – [14:05]
  • Stat: 500,000 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every day – [15:13]
  • The challenge: how do you break through the noise? Tim says how to be “shareable” – [15:55]
  • Why sharing is more personal and valuable than “liking” – [17:12]
  • Tim’s expert opinion on what makes something (video or otherwise) sharable – [18:56]
  • One of the biggest mistakes content creators make – [20:15]
  • We break down what makes Jay Shetty’s videos viral – [20:47]
  • Why people who shine on the internet are more similar than you think – [21:33]
  • How emotion impacts vitality – [22:08]
  • Tim says which 5 emotions are the most impactful and drive people to share – [22:39]
  • The power of surprise – [24:20]
  • Why Tim’e Christian Ronaldo video became a worldwide global hit – [26:03]
  • The difference between curiosity and surprise – [28:24]
  • Tim asks me if I think I’m sharable – [28:52]
  • The pattern Tim is seeing across all successful podcasts right now – [29:50]
  • The myth of putting content everywhere -[30:28]
  • The story of the flawed hero – [31:26]
  • How DOING and documenting leads to new opportunities – [34:30]
  • What makes a great action movie… (hint: it has nothing to do with action) – [35:40]
  • How to keep recreating your story to stay relevant and interesting – [35:50]
  • Is it ok to repeat your backstory? – [38:22]
  • What makes Aubrey Marcus, Jay Sherry, Gary Vaynerchuk and others highly sharable – [40:34]
  • The importance of authenticity – [41:47]
  • How to spot a fake online – [42:19]
  • Why you should embrace your faults – [43:30]
  • How The Rock connects with people online in a way that’s special – [43:49]
  • Tim breaks down what percentage of your content should be based on the 5 sharable emotions – [44:37]
  • Why these skills are critical outside of social media – [45:25]
  • Don’t measure your work based on vitality. Measure it in incremental growth – [46:06]
  • Why the viral video is a thing of the past- [47:10]
  • How to focus on being scalable online vs. being a one-hit wonder – [48:14]
  • How to find and develop your unique voice – [49:18]
  • Ask yourself “Why am I scared to try?” – [50:25]
  • How to measure engagement and reproduce engaging content for your audience and grow- [51:05]
  • Why the first 7 seconds of a video are the most critical – [51:45]
  • How to create curb appeal online – [53:39]
  • How to write compelling headlines – [54:04]
  • I invite Tim Staples back on the show for a future part 2 – [54:37]



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