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Everyone rejected Andrew Schulz. TV networks, producers, agents… Basically anyone with a checkbook and some industry “authority.”

So he had to go around them.

Now he has half a million subscribers on YouTube, goes on tour and makes $100K in six weekends, hosts not one, but TWO podcasts (“Brilliant Idiots” with and Charlamagne Tha God and “Flagrant 2” with Akaash Singh and Kazeem Famuyide)… the list goes on.

So I wanted to know how he figured it out.

Here’s a breakdown of everything we talk about:

  • If you’ve ever wanted to figure out how to build up a side-gig go listen to my pre-show announcement –  [0:00]
  • A quick preview of the episode – [1:57]
  • I welcome Andrew Schulz to the show, comedian & co-host of “The Brilliant Idiots” podcast and “Flagrant 2” – [5:10]
  • The story of how Andrew got rejected by everybody and chose himself – [6:08]
  • Bypass the gatekeepers… how to get started before someone gives you the greenlight – [7:27]
  • How Andrew got started in TV… He says, “They just found me.” – [10:03]
  • How comedy became a narrative tool – [11:25]
  • Andrew explains the importance of risk. “People want to see the f***ing bullfight.” – [13:40]
  • How the #metoo movement changed female comedy – [14:35]
  • Jokes vs. conversation… what makes something funny – [17:00]
  • How to combat groupthink and be an original thinker – [18:42]
  • Theory: Are comedians and conspiracy theorists the same thing? – [20:30]
  • Where do you get your validation in life? – [21:34]
  • What’s the social cost of having an opinion different from your friends? – [23:55]
  • My advice for writers  – [24:43]
  • Hypocrisy and hate mail. Andrew and I share stories of getting lit on fire – [25:00]
  • Why people test you… “People want to be lead, but we want to be lead by the worthy.” – [27:38]
  • Why playing it safe limits you – [28:25]
  • How to get to the next level of comedy: describe something people feel inside, but can’t put into words – [30:11]
  • How to get your audience’s trust – [32:09]
  • How Dave Chapelle keeps you entertained – [36:13]
  • The benefit of being polarizing – [39:02]
  • More reasons why you should bypass the gatekeepers – [40:42]
  • Who runs the comedy world – [42:13]
  • How to strategically take advantage of YouTube (Andrew says how he got half a million subscribers on YouTube) – [43:23]
  • The power of making your content digestible – [45:38]
  • Our take on Judd Appotow and Louis C.K. – [47:04]
  • Which comedians operate in the light vs. dark – [49:27]
  • Louis C.K.’s comedy karma – [51:26]
  • How Andrew gets people interested enough to watch 2 hours of content on YouTube- [54:27]
  • How to make your work discoverable – [56:09]
  • Andrew and I debate if doing a Netflix special is good or bad for your career – [56:48]
  • How Andrew makes $100K in six weekends [58:49]
  • I asked Andrew how often he puts out new material – [1:00:32]
  • How the sausage is made… Andrew breaks down his process – [1:01:22]
  • Why good comedy is a form of therapy – [1:04:23]
  • Sneak peek: hear the premise for Andrew’s next material – [1:05:09]
  • The goal of a good comedian: tap into the uncomfortability people walk around with so they can release it – [1:06:15]
  • I ask Andrew when is a joke unique? – [1:08:00]
  • I recommend Andrew’s podcasts (Brilliant Idiots & Flagrant 2) and YouTube channel (he has new shows on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays) – [1:09:52]

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