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Jamie Metzl can see the future.

Sort of.

He just wrote the book, “Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity.” And it’s the Bible of what the future will look like…

“We are developing the capacity to read, write and hack biology,” he said. “All of biology… including our own.”

He gave me an example:

“Right now, if you go to the doctor, your doctor will treat you because you’re a human. But we’re moving toward a world of precision based on your individual biology.”

So you’ll go to the doctor and they’ll say, “Based on you being you, we’re going to give you this treatment for your disease.”

But if it was anybody else with the same symptoms, they’d get some other treatment. Based on THEIR biology.

“Everybody is going to have their genome sequenced,” Jamie said.

Right now it cost $800 to get your genome sequenced. But it started at a billion dollars.

So it’s going to become affordable. Within a decade.

We’ll be sequenced either at birth. Or before birth.

“We’re going to be able to use algorithms to understand very complex traits.”

They’ll be able to see who has heart disease. Or who has a higher IQ.

That’s why I’m interested in this.

I just want to know how long I have to wait before I can inject myself with more brain cells so I can be smarter.

That’s “gene editing.” And Jamie’s book covers all of this.

He said, “The genomics genetics revolution are going to fundamentally transform our lives but everybody needs to be part of the conversation about how.”
This book and conversation has opened my eyes up to so many possibilities. Not just in the distant future but in 10 years.

And it can give you ideas, too. For entrepreneurship, investing, family planning, career interests, etc.

Here’s a list of everything we talk about. Plus a preview of the episode:

  • Episode preview – [3:00]


  • Behind the scenes talk with Jamie Metzl (pre-interview) – [6:20]
  • What makes us ethical? Societal vs. religious laws [7:23]
  • I introduce Jamie Metzl, author of the new book “Hacking Darwin…” (this book is like the Bible of what the future will look like) –  [9:12]
  • “If you want justice, build it. Build it in your life and build it in the world around you.” – Jamie Metzl – [11:58]
  • I explain what “Hacking Darwin” is about… the future of gene editing & gene writing – [12:12]
  • Jamie’s unconventional background (and why you shouldn’t force yourself into following a standard path –  [15:54]
  • The story of the man who predicted 9/11 in the 1990’s- [20:20]
  • How someone predicts the future – [22:18]
  • Imagination’s role in changing institutions and minds [28:14]
  • Expert steps… how to write a sci-fi novel – [28:28]
  • Will the work you’re doing now have an impact on the future? – [32:11]
  • Jamie Metzl says the genetics revolution isn’t just about healthcare… “This is about our future as a species. This is about our identity.” – [35:00]
  • The 3 stages of genetic engineering: healthcare, direct to consumer genetics (when you can change your genes), assisted reproduction  [36:14]
  • Why sex is going to become the “old way” to make babies – [36:47]
  • The 4th stage of genetic engineering = genetic therapies – [39:07]
  • How gene therapy will go beyond health and into altering your appearance – [40:58]
  • I ask Jamie to explain the basic science of genetics, DNA, and the chemical processes of becoming you – [41:47]
  • What it means to map the human genome – [48:46]
  • How genetic engineering is going to lead to more personalized health care solutions… “We’re moving forward a world of precision medicine based on you.” – [50:58]
  • How someone with a rare disease can benefit from gene therapy – [52:47]
  • “The basic big picture story of all of this is… we are developing the capacity to read, write and hack biology. All of biology, including our own.”  – [55:27]
  • The world’s first two gene-edited babies were born in China – [58:17]
  • Jamie defines CRISPR and its role in gene engineering – [1:00:26]
  • The possibility to change human features and traits like height, intelligence, etc. – [1:04:45]
  • In the future, you can choose which embryo you want to fertilize based on traits [1:08:26]
  • Can you genetically engineer IQ? [1:08:58]
  • The timeline of how this technology will impact our lives – [1:14:07]
  • Animals and genetic engineering [1:18:20]
  • Anti-aging… can we extend human life and live longer? – [1:19:42]
  • Why angry people are more susceptible to certain diseases – [1:23:43]
  • How to conserve energy – [1:24:21]
  • How so many Holocaust survivors live so long – [1:24:41]
  • The trick to living to 100 years old – [1:29:06]
  • I ask Jamie about his experience as an unofficial CIA informant – [1:30:38]
  • How will genetic engineering impact diversity? – [1:32:26]
  • Killer robots, biotech and more future military threats against – [1:35:48]
  • What futurists have in common – [1:36:30]
  • Drug trends… I ask Jamie about legalizing marijuana and mushrooms – [1:40:22]
  • I ask Jamie how to write a science fiction novel – [1:41:50] 
  • I give Jamie an idea for his next book – [1:44:18]
  • Why I love this book “Hacking Darwin” – [1:45:29]


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