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Today, my 400th podcast releases.

400 episodes = 400 “yes’s”

“Yes’s” from Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Tyra Banks, Tiffany Haddish, Garry Kasparov, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Tony Hawk, Arianna Huffington and the list goes on (by #392).

But first, I had to say “yes.”

I’ve written a lot about podcasting and what I’ve learned…

  1. Why You Absolutely Must Do A Podcast 
  2. The Ten Secrets Of Podcasting (and what I’ve learned) 
  3. How My Podcast Downloads Doubled Overnight 
  4. Podcasting, Then and NOW 
  5. I Did 200 Podcasts With My Heroes. This is What I Learned… 
  6. The Ten Secrets Of Podcasting (and what I’ve learned)
  7. What I Learned from my First Podcast Guest in 1980 and What I Learned from My Last Podcast Guest (Yesterday) 

And I’ve interviewed more people than I ever thought possible.

So I put together a special bonus episode with my team. It’s 24 clips from the last 100 episodes.

It was hard to pick which ones to talk about. Because each episode has value.

I remember telling Jordan Peterson that nothing he said changes lives. He agreed. It’s the person ready to hear it that changes the life.

So I hope this bonus-style episode makes it easy to find what you need today.

Here’s the 400th episode with clips from all these guests (see full list below):

(Also, Part 2 comes out Saturday so make sure you subscribe.)