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I was always good at making money.

I was also good at losing it instantly. I always went broke… Now I know why.

What was I was doing wrong? I’ll tell you. Because I bet you’re making the same mistake.

But first, I’ll tell you how to make money. More money than you thought was possible.

Listen to this episode. You’ll hear tested and proven strategies to get rich from Ramit Sethi, the NewYork Times bestselling author and founder of

He grew his business from a dorm-room blog into a multi-million dollar online business.

And now he started a new company, GrowthLab, to teach you how to do the same thing—start and grow an online business.

Ramit is a trainer. He’ll make you hustle.

“It’s like looking up at a skyscraper and saying ‘How am I going to build one of those?’ Well you’re not. You’re going to start by walking in the lobby,” Ramit says, “That’s what you’re going to do on day one.”

You can’t get rich without putting in the work.

I’ve set goals. None of them came true. But five or six other amazing things that I never could have predicted happened instead.

Goals require plans.

You’re going to get rich. How?

You want to lose weight or start a business. How?

Ramit will tell you. He’ll turn your goals into achievements.

Actually, you’ll do it, with his help.

Consider taking his courses… One teaches you how to triple your salary. Which is like heroin. According to one of my other podcast guests, Nassim Taleb.

Taleb said the three deadliest addictions are 1) heroin, I don’t remember the second one, and 3) a steady salary. How can you feel motivated when you’re prostituting yourself everyday?

What did I learn from Ramit? It’s less about what I learned, and more about what I feel capable of doing every time I listen to him.

Fear is a debilitating idea. Replace fear with motivation. You’ll be amazed at the results.

I need motivation to eat well, write everyday, do the daily practice. And I start over everyday. Because motivation isn’t as constant as your to-do list.

But with Ramit’s plan, you’ll get systems in place. Systems that manage your money and organize your time, and take care of all the things draining you dry.

“If you’re going to put in work, why not be positive, try to improve yourself, improve your relationship, make more money,” Ramit says.

I haven’t taken his courses. But strangers email me saying they’re great. That they’ve tripled their income. I don’t know why they tell me that. I get a lot of strange emails from strangers. Skip to 40:12 on my podcast. You’ll laugh. Trust me.

You shouldn’t go a day without laughing anyway.

I’m going to tell you why I went broke. You’ll hear it in this episode. And you’ll learn how to clean up your life.

You’ll get systems… you’ll get a plan.

And, thanks to Ramit, you’ll learn how to be rich.

Listen now.

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