Why the Hate Towards Long Time Bitcoin Supporter James Altucher

James Fox of Bitcoin Exchange Guide recently wrote an article about James Altucher titled “Why the Hate Towards Long Time Bitcoin Supporter James Altucher?”

It all started when James professed that bitcoin would be worth $1 million on CNBC. As the article states, one would think championing bitcoin would make him a hero, but unfortunately it did quite the opposite. The author breaks down the reasons behind the misplaced malice into 12 sections, including:

  1. He called bitcoin a scam.
  2. He levied a charge for his newsletter.
  3. He was accused of “pumping shitcoins.”
  4. He was criticized over his credentials.
  5. He opened bitcoin to the mass public.
  6. His beliefs on the origin of money.
  7. His ads were slimy.
  8. The obnoxiousness of his face being everywhere.
  9. Ads (Part 2) and the barefaced lying.
  10. Fraud by extension.
  11. He gave off the impression of selling something scammy.
  12. It was about bringing in a mass audience rather than a handful of wealthy investors.

Per Altucher himself, “It sounds like a lie or cliché when I say this: but making money is not the only reason to do things.” However, more simply put, he did it “to express his own opinions.”

For the full article, click here.

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