Why Self-Help Guru James Altucher Only Owns 15 Things

In August 2016, James was featured in a New York Times article titled “Why Self-Help Guru James Altucher Only Owns 15 Things.”

While the article touches on the 15 things James owns, it is more about his story of becoming a “self-help guru,” a title James actually disputes. It’s about his rise to fortune, his subsequent fall(s), his conclusions on topics like the American dream, college, homeownership, stocks and how he spun his failures into a blog — Altucher Confidential. A blog that focuses on his “win-some-lose-some ‘life-hacker’ experiments.”

“James is on a very personal journey, allowing his readers and listeners to experience it in real-time,” said Brian Koppelman, a creator of Showtime’s Billions. “He’s telling you the story on Saturday, on Sunday he’s talking about how it failed and on Monday he’s talking about doing it a different way.”

For the full article, click here.

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