This Self-Help Guru Swears by Owning Only About 15 Possessions – Here’s What They Are

In August 2016, piggybacking off a New York Times profile, James was featured in a Business Insider article about his remaining 15 possessions.

After donating a majority of what he owned, he now carries what’s left, which he says he keeps for “pure functionality.” To many, James would be considered a minimalist, but to assign that label to him only contradicts what James is all about. In his own words:

“I don’t like to think about a lot of things. Labels are things. We are the average of the five people we spend time with. But we are also the average of the five labels we assign ourselves. I like to keep that list open. I am not an ‘entrepreneur.’ Or a ‘writer.’ Or a ‘minimalist.” I like to wander around.”

Find the full article here.

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